Modern Luxury in Alys Beach

Private Residence / Alys Beach, Florida


Architect: Christ & Associates

Builder: Davis Dunn Construction

Photography: Chris Luker


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This project called for a very modern interior with minimal visible wooden millwork, save for a few focal points such as the spectacular interior doors built by E. F. San Juan.

We also supplied Loewen windows and exterior doors and custom E. F. San Juan Invincia® impact-rated wooden entry door systems.

The Loewen windows and exterior doors are sleek and fit well with the home’s modern feel. These windows and doors, along with the sizable Invincia® main entry door built by our team, are made to impact-rated standards that will fortify the home and its occupants against the Gulf Coast elements.

The completed home is a masterpiece by architect Tom Christ, interior designer Cindy Meador, and the Davis Dunn Construction team. The team here at E. F. San Juan was honored to be a part of it and we are proud of our artistic contribution. The residence has been featured in national publications such as VIE magazine as well as the Alys Gazette.


The interior doors were the greatest design challenge of this project. Interior designer Cindy Meador and the homeowners envisioned very modern, flush, European-style doors made of rich walnut with veneers for the bedrooms and bathrooms. The original design called for a brass inlay border to separate the horizontal panel veneers from the stiles and rails of the door; however, after some discussion, it became clear that this would not create the most stable construction to stand the test of time and use.


We worked with the team to determine that a white maple inlay would create the desired contrast and enhance the all-wood simplicity of the door design. The most challenging part of building these doors was the time-consuming process of laminating the veneers and incorporating the maple inlay. As you can see from the photos, the entries become art displays along with the other beautiful art pieces that Cindy and the owners have incorporated into the home’s interior design.