A Modern Penthouse on Choctawhatchee Bay

Private Residence / Destin, Florida


BUILDER: Ron Porter, Regal Stephens Construction

Photography: Courtesy of Regal Stephens


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The team at E. F. San Juan worked closely with the homeowner and builder on this bayside penthouse condo to create custom walnut wall paneling, trim, baseboards, and casing, plus twelve-foot hidden doors to match.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. The homeowner knew exactly what she wanted from a design perspective, and the builder was an encouraging partner throughout the process. The result is a unique and beautiful reflection of a memorable collaborative endeavor.


The greatest challenge on this project was that the design was very contemporary and had been entirely envisioned by the homeowner. We met the challenge with great enthusiasm by working with the homeowner and the builder (Ron Porter of Regal Stephens Construction) to bring their vision to reality. Ron was an enthusiastic participant in the project, giving us free rein to design and engineer a solution that would provide the look the homeowner desired.


To achieve a component of the contemporary look the homeowner sought—inconspicuous trim—we ground custom moulding knives exclusive for this project’s baseboard and casing. The baseboard throughout the residence was designed to be discreet and also includes recessed lighting. The walnut bump-outs on the wall surrounding the fireplace were a great challenge, as were the highly figured, flush walnut doors flanking the fireplace. When open, these twelve-foot-tall doors are hidden and look like paneled sections that blend into a recess in the wall; when closed, the doors also blend seamlessly with the flanking walnut wall. This creates a long, continuous wall of walnut wood when viewed from the kitchen area. E. F. San Juan also created custom leather-covered barn doors between the dining room and the living room.