Key to E. F. San Juan’s ability to produce the highest quality mouldings and millwork is its investment in state-of-the-art woodworking equipment.

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CNC routers, moulders, shapers, and a variety of specialty machines produced by the world’s premier woodworking equipment manufacturers fill our production floor.

Continuous investment in the latest technology gives the E. F. San Juan team the tools needed to provide our discerning clients with the highest quality product for their unique and challenging projects.

Our production facilities were rebuilt from the ground up after Hurricane Michael devastated the structures in late-2018. Despite the setback, this natural disaster allowed the E. F. San Juan team to assess and implement ways to make the production facility more efficient, more organized, and better than ever. It also was the catalyst to expanding and updating our custom cabinetry shop on property. We pride ourselves in our proven process for manufacturing and customer satisfaction and welcome architects, builders, and other construction professionals to tour the facility by appointment.