E. F. San Juan proudly offers the uncompromising protection of LifeGuard™ by Weather Shield®..

Weather Shield® Windows & Doors was founded in 1955 when Edward “Lee” Schield borrowed $300, rented a 12-by-24-foot garage in his hometown of Medford, Wisconsin, and started handcrafting windows and doors.


Today, with more than 1,200 employees and over 1.2 million square
feet of manufacturing facilities in three different cities, Weather Shield ranks as one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of windows and doors. Over the years, a variety of product lines have been added to the company’s offerings, and Weather Shield now manufactures windows and doors of every style, shape and size, for both new construction and remodeling projects.


Weather Shield is a unique company. The Schield family members are actively involved in guiding the company's growth. They use innovative technology, excellent component construction and well-developed engineering capabilities to stay on the forefront of product advancements. And their employees have a near-legendary sense of company pride.


“Many companies start small and grow into large businesses,” says
Mark Schield, Weather Shield vice president. “Somewhere along the way some of those companies lose touch with their customers. At Weather Shield, research and development are driven by the desire to create the best possible product for the customer. Advances in window design are motivated by a respect for our dealers and their feedback.”


“We combine two essential elements that help make quality windows and doors,” says Kevin Schield, Weather Shield vice president. “We combine the art of understanding the needs of the marketplace and
the science of manufacturing and technology.”


The company is based in Medford, Wisconsin, and operates plants in Medford, Ladysmith and Park Falls.


“It comes down to one simple thought,” adds Kevin Schield. “We make thousands of windows a day… one at a time.”


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