E. F. San Juan brings the finest in millwork tradition, by offering the unmatched quality found in Loewen..

Loewen® began at the turn of the 20th century on the lonely prairies
of southern Manitoba, Canada. Here in the village of Steinbach, a group of Mennonite families, including the Loewens, had migrated
from Russia.
Among the first things made by the Loewen millwork for the fast-growing community were humble items like church pews and bee-keeping equipment. But soon, windows and doors became their specialties. That’s because when you live and work in a part of the
world where arctic winds come howling down from the polar icecaps
all winter, you learn how to build exceedingly sturdy, energy
efficient windows.


By using Douglas Fir as their standard wood species, they ensure that
a certain imperviousness to the elements is built into their windows
from the start. But Loewen also takes a number of extra steps to enhance this robust wood’s naturally tough characteristics, including treating it with a special sealant that makes it even more water repellent and decay resistant and helps stain and paint bond securely to the surface. And, because many of their customers choose metal clad exteriors, Loewen offers durable extruded aluminum cladding in a
rich palette of baked-on finishes.


Loewen also uses thicker glass than other window manufacturers, making theirs better insulated, more soundproof and more impact resistant.


Equally important to the unmatched quality of their construction, however, is the enduring beauty of their designs. Loewen makes a commitment to their customers to keep abreast of current fashion trends, while simultaneously transcending them. So no matter what Loewen windows you select for your home, they will stand the test
of time.


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