E. F. San Juan developed Invincia™ Doors to elegantly withstand nature's fury and the test of time..

Private Residence Destin, Florida
Chase Green Construction



BY E. F. San Juan

Beautifully crafted for the unique architecture and extreme conditions of the Gulf Coast region, Invincia doors are precision engineered to meet and exceed local code requirements.


Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility using innovative technology, Invincia doors are built to exacting tolerances. 
The result is apparent not only aesthetically, but also in the test lab where inferior products are literally torn apart in testing.


Tested to a design pressure (DP) of +/- 65, Invincia doors meet and exceed the standard for wood entry door systems along the Emerald Coast.  Testing, which simulates the forces of a hurricane, involves the door being tested for air and water infiltration.  The door is then struck by three large missile impacts of 9-pound 2x4s traveling at 34 MPH followed by 9,000 positive and negative pressure cycles of the door system.  Failure within any of the testing steps results in failure of the door. What this means for you is that Invincia doors have been built and tested to ensure your investment is beautifully secured.


With Invincia doors every door is unique to your home and
your design preference.  We do not have a catalogue of styles from which to choose.  Your door is custom built to your specifications and will be your own personal work of art welcoming family and friends while fending off the bad stuff Mother Nature has to offer.  To find out more contact your E. F. San Juan representative today.


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