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Investing in the future.

As our local economy rebounds from the depths
of last decade’s recession, the E. F. San Juan team continues to invest to better meet the needs of our customers
while providing a work environment, compensation and benefits which set a standard within our industry.


Over the past two years we have added an additional Weinig moulder line as well as a new Weinig rip saw line to increase our production capacity.  We have also increased our service van fleet by two additional vehicles to further enhance our nationally recognized service commitment to our customers.  Our latest visible improvement to our facility is the addition of a

new, modern warehouse building which will enable us to more efficiently store and access our expanding inventory.  During this time frame we have also added more than 20 new members to the E. F. San Juan team and we have restored a company-sponsored health insurance program with Blue Cross Blue Shield.


2016 marks the 40th year since E. F. San Juan’s inception.  We are blessed and thankful for the customers we serve, the vendors who partner with
us, and the team members who dedicate themselves to the E. F. San Juan team.  We see a bright future for our beautiful part of the world and we look forward
to continued growth and opportunity.


03/2016 • IN THE NEWS

2016 marks the 40th year since 
E. F. San Juan’s inception..

Edward .F. San Juan, and son Edward A. San Juan in new, state-of-the-art warehouse, built to enable greater efficiency and access expanding inventory —March, 2016


And since it is built on family, it has always been paramount to do everything with excellence at Alys Beach as a tribute to family legacies past and future. So it is no wonder the working relationship between Alys Beach and E. F. San Juan Custom is appropriate match. -Edward, alongside their highly skilled team at San Juan, build many of the beautiful doors, windows, and finishes at Alys Beach, creating pieces with excellence no matter the project. And for the San Juans, to create with excellence is indeed a family tradition.

Old-World Knowledge Meets New Age Know-How.. Alys Beach was built on family memories, traditions, and relationships..
Superior craftsmanship, from 
one generation to the next...